Sponsor Food

Sphoorti needs your support in providing quality food to all our children. In view of the spiralling prices of commodity prices, we request you to generously donate Rice bags, Dal, Oil etc. This will help us enhance our food security and help us deal with inflationary conditions. If you wish make a contribution towards food, please write to info@sphoorti.org

If you wish to sponsor a meal, please make a donation of Rs 4500 for breakfast and Rs 5000 for lunch/dinner to Sphoorti's ICICI Bank account.
To donate through Paypal, use the buttons below.

You may donate towards food requirements in cash or kind. You may also use an online grocery store with services in Hyderabad like Bigbasket.com to order groceries and provisions and donate them to Sphoorti.


    Dal (Kandi Pappu)
    Edible Oil
    Ragi Powder

Monthly Need

    2000 kg
    180 kg
    180 L
    3000 units
    150 kg
    500 dozens
    600 L
    3000 packets
    80 kg
    100 kg