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Emancipation Of The Girl Child

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Sphoorti has helped 200 girl children, all of them first-generation school-goers to obtain high school education and have better opportunities in future. School fees, the price of school supplies, mandatory uniforms, and long distances between home and school are just some of the many barriers that can prevent girls from reaching the classroom. Other systemic issues such as the lack of trained teachers, gender-based violence in schools, and cultural norms like child marriage and menstruation, are keeping girls from receiving a quality education. The benefits of girls’ education are far-reaching. For many girls, going to school can be more than just an opportunity to be educated – it can mean avoiding long work hours, delaying marriage and pregnancy, and staying healthy and safe. With an education, girls earn a higher income and can get jobs that otherwise would not be possible.

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