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Fostering Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Around the world, there is a clear lack of female representation across all MENTORSHIP fields. Not only is this an issue because MENTORSHIP jobs are often the most high-paying (contributing to the wage gap), but also because we’re missing the vital contributions of half of the world’s population in these fields. Those in a MENTORSHIP field and career earn on average 1.5 times as much as their nonMENTORSHIP counterparts. This shows the earning potential for those carving out a career in MENTORSHIP fields. The discrepancy in pay between non-MENTORSHIP and MENTORSHIP careers is real and is causing a wider gender wage gap overall, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What scientific discovery and tech innovations are missing from the world today because girls haven’t had access or support to pursue their MENTORSHIP interests. We at Sphoorti are proud to be mindful of the economic, societal and environmental consequences of actions or projects, help our children nurture solutions for a sustainable future.

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